Shousugiban – Fascinating Japanese firing technique

For most people, fire is a phenomenon that is difficult for them to control. On this occasion, fear also plays an important role in the lives of many people in many respects around the heat and fire, but there are also positive legacies that the fire can bring with it. In particular, the Japanese firing technique of cedar wood has spread in Europe and enjoys a large rush of supporters and fans. This development does not really surprise anyone, if you take a closer look at the final results, which are absolute eye-catchers. If you want to learn more about this special technology from Japan, you have the unique opportunity to do so here!

The unique coal look from Japan stands out

Shousugiban is the name of this firing technique, where wood is deliberately heated by fire until the black charcoal look is created. This must contain every single wooden panel, so that really all wooden parts shine in black. At first glance, this may not seem really logical to the layman, but this provides the coal layer with an outstanding longevity, which is certainly not often to be discovered. It is also immediately noticeable that the grain of the respective coal layers is extremely unique, so that a real eye-catcher effect can be guaranteed. Beauty is in the eye of the respective viewer anyway and taste may also be arguable here and there, but not with the trend from faraway Japan!

Color, texture and longevity – this is how fire becomes a guarantor for wood

Normally, fire and wood do not have much in common and should usually be separated from each other. However, the Shousugiban technique makes a real exception and here fire is absolutely desired. However, the special firing technique is by no means something for beginners, so that it has matured over the years and traditions in Japan only to the best form, as one finds it today. But even in the EU, some manufacturers manage to produce this firing technique and the same end results, which simply enchants wood durable, unique and with pretty textures that are simply needed for newfangled styles at home. Japan’s tradition of wood burning technology can provide elegant moments at home and is in any case a real eye-catcher.

Beautiful grains, which the cedar wood has to offer, are changed again with the help of the firing technology. The black charcoal look is really outstanding to examine and at home as a stylistic device in any case advisable. Not all parts have to be blackened in such a way, but some special features simply deserve to be staged in a striking way. Shousugiban is therefore rightly on the rise at the moment and also outside of Japan real eye-catcher.

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