An environmentally friendly cleaning technology

Dry ice cleaning offers the perfect cleaning technique for many industries, which can be used on oily, greasy and very dirty surfaces. Modern technology has developed very far in recent years, because in earlier times the machines for dry ice cleaning were rather heavy and massive, so that parts and equipment could be transported for cleaning, but fixed parts and surfaces could not be cleaned. There are now handy equipment for dry ice technology that can be carried to any device, machinery and surface and does not require transport equipment or many workers.

No additional cleaning agents needed

No additional cleaning agents or solvents are required for the use of dry ice equipment. Without the use of chemistry, cleaning can be done perfectly with the mechanical method. There is no need for all the expensive means, which are supposed to have a fat-dissolving effect and which are supposed to dissolve stubborn contamination by sharp cleaners. The surfaces become radiantly clean, even at all grooves, recesses or corners.

You do not have to treat anything mechanically or pre-treat with chemical agents, cleaning is done exclusively via dry ice. This method can be used to save costs for cleaning agents, transport, manpower and the replacement of expensive machines. You don’t need any external service for cleaning and can do everything in the company according to your individual schedule with your own employees.

Environmental protection and sustainability are taken into account

Working with the dry ice blaster is environmentally friendly and complies with the principle of sustainability. You do not need chemical agents that need to be disposed of or that need to be reprocessed via wastewater treatment. The devices work efficiently, so that the consumption of energy for the process is also moderate. With the elimination of the additional transport routes by the new handy devices, one can also find good arguments for the dry ice blaster.

Buy modern technology at reasonable prices

The new dry ice blasting equipment is cheap to purchase. Considering that external services from other companies are no longer available, which are very expensive, you can see the effectiveness and the amortization of the equipment. The new devices have quickly paid for themselves due to their fast operational capability, flexible handling, savings in cleaners, transport and working time. You can also use the devices to carry out cleaning in other companies. This brings new sources of income and helps to refinance the device. The cheap use, which causes only low costs and a huge economic saving, makes the purchase seem lucrative as an investment.

Used in many countries and in various industries

The devices with dry ice blasters are used in many countries. They are in high demand internationally and are popular because of their rational effect. The “dry ice machine for cleaning” has found its fans everywhere. The trend towards environmentally friendly technology has hit the zeitgeist with the new device.

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