Biotechnology – An Exciting Science

Biotechnology is an exciting science. Various exciting sciences are combined and new processes and products are created. The aim is to make biological processes usable. There are different subfields such as red and green biotechnology. Biotechnologists work in laboratories or in sales and are in great demand on the job market. More and more companies have an increasing need for new processes and products.

Different sciences are combined

Biotechnology combines various sciences. It involves knowledge from biology, biochemistry, process engineering, computer science and materials science. Biotechnology is about making biological processes usable. Cells, organisms and biomolecules are made usable. New processes are developed and products manufactured. Biotechnology has been used for centuries. A well-known example is the processing of milk into dairy products or the production of beer with yeast. In 1984, the first large German company dedicated to biotechnology was founded. Qiagen is still one of the world’s leading suppliers in the field of Liefe Sciences. Another biotechnology company is lino-Biotech GmbH, which since 2020 has been the sole provider of Focal Molography, a completely new method for measuring molecular interactions in living cells or crude biological samples.

The red biotechnology is in great demand

Within biotechnology there are numerous subfields and diverse jobs. One important branch is red biotechnology. This involves the field of human and veterinary medicine. For example, therapeutic agents are produced using genetically modified cells. The production of mRNA vaccines is also related to biotechnology. Researchers are currently working on various possible uses of mRNA – vaccines. They consider it possible to develop vaccines against certain types of cancer on the basis of mRNA vaccines in the future.

The green, gray and white biotechnology

In addition to red biotechnology, there is also green biotechnology, gray biotechnology and white biotechnology. Green biotechnology is concerned with processes in the agricultural sector. Among other things, research is conducted on genetically modified plants. Gray biotechnology deals with aspects of environmental science. It deals with waste disposal, energy production and other aspects. Last but not least, white biotechnology deals with chemical processes such as the production of biofuels, cosmetics or detergents.

Shortage of skilled workers on the labor market

A biotechnologist is primarily involved in research and works in research facilities, universities or production plants, as well as in the sales and marketing department. Biotechnologists often have a college degree. A bachelor’s degree is sufficient for many jobs. However, if one wants managerial responsibility, a master’s degree should be pursued. Only a few have a doctorate.

Non-academics can work as biological-technical assistants, among others. The job prospects are very good, as the demand for biotechnologists increases every year. There are few well-trained professionals and many companies are looking for new personnel. With the new sustainability efforts in the industry, biotechnologists are one of the most important workers. The earning potential is in the upper field for biotechnologists. Salaries can vary widely depending on position, work experience, and region. In 2020, a managing director earned an average of 254,000 euros and an entry-level employee just under 56,000 euros. Annual income rises significantly with increasing professional experience.

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